Commercial LPG

Hill’s Gas Supply is WA’s largest independent dealer of LPG. We’re the trusted commercial gas suppliers for a variety of businesses across the metro area, ensuring prompt delivery no matter where your premises are located.

At Hills Gas Supply, we know that every business has different needs when it comes to their LPG usage, which is why we’re here to supply commercial LPG for just about any purpose. When looking for commercial gas providers in Perth, look no further.

hills gas delivering commercial lpg

Benefits of Commercial LPG for Businesses

We provide a reliable supply of commercial LPG to business customers across the Perth region. There are many reasons why you might choose to use LPG cylinders to meet the needs of your business. These include:


Commercial LPG cylinders are easily transported. They are also safe for staff to handle. This also makes LPG an ideal choice for premises that cannot be connected to a natural gas network.


LPG offers a cost-effective solution for the energy requirements of your business. Natural gas often involves a daily supply charge. With bottled LPG, there are no daily supply charges to factor into the cost. If you’re looking to reduce gas costs, LPG is more cost-effective for businesses with less energy usage.

Reduces Downtime

Waiting for an electric forklift to recharge wastes time and efficiency. With LPG powered forklifts, all you need to do is swap the gas cylinder and you’ll have enough power to go in seconds.

Easy Storage

We understand that running out of LPG can be detrimental to your business operations. The great thing about LPG is that it’s portable and easy to store in bulk. In addition, we can also deliver 45kg liquid withdrawal gas cylinders, which are ideal for refilling your smaller gas cylinders onsite.

Applications of Commercial LPG

LPG is a versatile form of energy. Some of the more common uses of commercial LPG include: 

Commercial Cooking

Like residential, LPG is popular in commercial kitchens. LPG gas heats up much faster, making it the ideal choice for chefs who need to work fast in a high volume environment. 


forklift powered by industrial lpg

Gas powered forklifts are very popular. Unlike electric forklifts, they don’t require charging. With LPG, your forklift is ready to go again in seconds. Another benefit is LPG powered forklifts have much lower upfront costs than an electric forklift.

Space Heating

commercial lpg gas heater

Indoor and outdoor heating is another popular use of LPG.  

Place Your Order For Commercial LPG Cylinders

When looking for commercial LPG suppliers, look no further than Hills Gas Supply. Our online ordering system makes it easy for both residential and industrial customers to place online orders for LPG delivery in the Perth region. 


There are many commercial uses of LPG. The most common one we see is for refuelling forklifts. However, LPG has many benefits and is also used in a variety of different ways across many industries such as hospitality, agriculture, fabrication and more.

The main differences between domestic and commercial LPG cylinders are the cylinder size and capacity. A residential customer will likely require a lower rate of LPG than an industrial customer. It’s important that you choose the right type of cylinder for your application to ensure maximum efficiency.

There are LPG safety regulations in place for the storage of LPG gas cylinders. As a general rule, LPG should be stored upright, with the valve closed and in a well ventilated area. They also should be stored in a location that will prevent the cylinder from falling or being knocked over. If you’re after advice on safety, contact us to find out more.

With the proper equipment and training, liquid withdrawal gas cylinders are ideal for refilling smaller cylinders onsite. This process is known as decanting and is a convenient option for refuelling forklift cylinders onsite as opposed to ordering multiple smaller forklift cylinders to your site.

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