Residential LPG

Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG is a popular choice for households across Australia. In particular, rural areas that aren’t connected to a piped natural gas network. Hills Gas Supply is the largest independent dealer of LPG in Western Australia. We’re family owned and operated with a focus on top quality service. When looking for residential LPG suppliers, look no further. 

Benefits of LPG For Your Home

There are many benefits of choosing LPG bottled gas for your home. Homeowners opt for LPG gas cylinders because they are:


Compared to other major household fuels, LPG is a relatively clean source of energy. It is easy to handle and carbon emissions are relatively low.


Domestic LPG is safe to handle and has minimal risk of spillage, making it safe for Australian households. It’s important to note that it is still a highly flammable gas and can be dangerous if handled incorrectly.


We’ve been delivering domestic LPG gas cylinders to Australian homes for over 20 years. It's efficient and generally cheaper than most other energy sources. Plus it’s versatile! LPG can be used for a variety of household purposes.


LPG is safe to handle and store at your home. Planning a camping trip? It’s easily portable for use with camping stoves and caravans.


LPG has a high heating value and burns hotter than most other gases and fuels. Making it extremely efficient for most household uses.

Common Residential LPG Gas Uses

LPG is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of gas appliances. Some of the more common residential LPG uses include: 


LPG Heater

LPG heaters can be used both inside and outside the home. Not only is an LPG heater a lot more affordable to run than an electric heater, but it’s energy efficient and has a higher heat output. 


One of the most popular uses of domestic LPG is for cooking. Gas cooktops are a popular choice for households. Whether you’re cooking up a storm on the BBQ or the stove, homeowners will appreciate the efficiency of LPG. It’s also a popular choice for commercial cooking. 

Hot Water Systems

LPG Hotwater system

LPG heats up almost instantaneously which makes it an ideal choice for hot water systems. They operate in a similar way to natural gas hot water systems, the main difference being LPG is supplied via a gas cylinder. 

Order Residential LPG Bottles Online Today

Need LPG delivered to your doorstep? Hills Gas Supply offers free gas bottle delivery all throughout the Perth region. Get in contact with our team today to set up your online ordering account.


The main difference between LPG and Natural gas is their chemical structure. Natural gas comprises of methane whilst LPG comprises of propane. Each has its own benefits. LPG burns at a higher temperature and is easily transported. Natural gas is generally connected to homes via pipes, whilst LPG is supplied by a gas cylinder.

Many households in Australia use LPG heaters. When gas heaters are well maintained and used correctly, they are incredibly safe. It’s important to note, most LPG heaters are either for indoor or outdoor use only. So make sure you are using it in the correct way. To ensure safety, make sure you regularly inspect the heater for any leaks, never leave it unattended and always keep it stored upright.

LPG bottles should always be stored upright with valves closed. There are also regulations for gas bottle storage areas and safety limits in place on how much LPG you can store in your home. Looking for expert advice on storing LPG? Our team is available to assist with any queries you may have relating to storing domestic LPG.

We recommend you have two LPG cylinders at home in conjunction with an automatic changeover regulator. This allows you to switch from one gas bottle to another once the one you are using is empty. An automatic changeover regulator ensures that you’ll always have a continuous supply of LPG to your home. Once your cylinder is empty, simply place an order for a new one online! We’ll then deliver new ones and take away the empty cylinders. At Hills Gas Supply, we also offer Gas N Go Gas Bottle Swap for small 8.5kg and 4kg gas bottles at our premises and various service stations across the Perth region.

If your house doesn’t already use LPG, you’ll need to organise for a licenced gas fitter to come out to your property and install and connect the gas to your home. As an LPG supplier, once you’re all set up, you can start placing gas bottle orders with us online! We’ll then deliver the gas and help you attach it.

Our main household LPG cylinder is 45kg. However, we also offer smaller 8.5 and 4kg exchange cylinders that are easier to handle and are suitable for travel, outdoor heaters and more. For most household appliances, 45kg cylinders is all that is required.

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