Domestic Gas Bottles

We’re WA’s largest independent supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for both commercial and residential purposes. LPG gas bottles for home are suitable for a variety of uses from powering gas appliances for cooking, hot water, home heating and more. LPG gas is extremely versatile! When looking for LPG suppliers, look no further than Hills Gas Supply.

Hills Gas delivering Domestic Gas Cylinders to homes in Perth

45kg Gas Cylinder

At Hills Gas Supply, we offer domestic gas bottles in a convenient 45kg gas cylinder size. Which you’ll find is the standard size used in most homes. Our gas bottle prices are competitive and we offer free delivery to most areas throughout the Perth region.


Why Choose Hills Gas Supply for Domestic LPG Cylinders

LPG Gas Bottle Installation

To start connecting your 45kg LPG gas bottle, you’ll need to ensure your house is compliant. If you’re not already using LPG, you’ll need to call in a licenced gas fitter to help you out. Once you’re connected, you’ll be good to start ordering bottled gas online.

Domestic Gas Bottle Storage

To ensure your safety, all LPG cylinders should be stored upright in a well ventilated area. Looking for more advice on safe storage? Our team is more than happy to assist either online or via phone on 9291 5551.

Free Domestic Gas Bottle Delivery

At Hills Gas Supply, we offer free delivery throughout the Perth region on all 45kg domestic gas cylinders. Simply place your order online and we’ll deliver your new cylinder straight to your doorstep.


If you’ve never ordered LPG gas bottles from the Hills Gas Supply’s online ordering system, you’ll need to first set up your online account. New customers can set up their accounts by getting in contact with our friendly team either online, in person or by calling 9291 5551.

We will help you install your LPG gas bottle to an existing LPG system. If your home doesn’t already use LPG, you’ll need to organise for a licenced gas fitter to come out to your property and set up your gas connection in accordance with the Australian Standards. Once you’ve got your gas connected, you’re ready to start ordering domestic LPG bottles from us.

Whilst we don’t refill 45kg gas bottles on site, we do offer gas bottle swap for our 4.5kg and 8kg BBQ gas cylinders at various gas bottle exchange agents through the Perth Hills region. However, whilst delivering your new cylinders we do take away your empty ones to be refilled.

How much usage you get out of your 45kg LPG cylinder depends on what applications you are using it for. A smaller household that uses LPG exclusively for one gas appliance may find that they only need one 45kg cylinder to last them a year. Whilst a household that requires LPG for all applications including heating, cooking and hot water, may go through a cylinder once a month.

We recommend having a minimum of two 45kg gas cylinders stored at a time. This is to ensure you always have a backup in the instance one of your cylinders runs out unexpectedly.

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