BBQ Gas Bottles

There’s nothing better than enjoying a BBQ with your friends and family on a warm summer’s day. At Hills Gas Supply, we’ll ensure your LPG BBQ is always equipped with gas and ready to go! Our BBQ gas bottles can also be used for a variety of other purposes including outdoor patio heaters, camping stoves and more. Order your LPG cylinders online today.

Group of friends cooking with an LPG BBQ.

BBQ Gas Bottle Sizes

At Hills Gas Supply, we offer BBQ gas bottles in two convenient sizes, 4kg & 8.5kg. 4kg bottles are great for travelling as they are lightweight and portable. 8.5kg is your standard gas bottle size that is suited to most BBQs.

4kg BBQ Gas

8.5kg BBQ Gas

Why Choose Hills Gas Supply for BBQ Gas

Natural Gas vs LPG BBQs

The main difference between the two types of BBQs is that natural gas BBQ’s require a natural gas connection whereas LPG BBQ’s on the other hand are supplied by small LPG cylinders. 




Natural Gas BBQs



Free BBQ Gas Bottle Delivery

At Hills Gas Supply, we offer free bbq gas delivery throughout the Perth region. Whether you require commercial or residential LPG, we’re your one stop shop. Simply place your bottled gas order online and we’ll ensure it arrives straight at your door!

BBQ Gas Storage

When storing gas bottles, we recommend storing them outside your house in a well ventilated area. Gas bottles should never be kept indoors, this includes garages and backyard sheds. They should also always be stored upright and in a position where they can’t fall or be easily knocked over.


BBQ Gas conversion kits are readily available to convert your natural gas BBQ into an LPG BBQ. However, you’ll need a licenced gas fitter to install any conversion kits to your BBQ. It’s also important to note that you can’t hook your existing natural gas BBQ to an LPG cylinder or an LPG to a natural gas line without converting it first.

Yes! BBQ cylinders are customer owned, as long as the cylinder complies with the Australian Standards, they can be swapped at any one of our locations. The same applies for BBQ cylinders delivered and exchanged by Hills Gas.

Ultimately the better option will come down to your individual preferences. Many people prefer LPG BBQs as they are more flexible. You can move them around freely because they don’t require a gas point. However, others may prefer a natural gas BBQ as you don’t need to refill and change the gas bottle. In terms of heat and energy efficiency, both are pretty similar.

When your BBQ gas cylinder runs out you can either take it to one of our nearest gas bottle swap agents to swap the empty gas bottle for a refilled one. Alternatively, you can also place an order online for a new BBQ gas cylinder. Whilst we’re delivering the new ones, we’ll also take away any empty ones. Talk about convenience! Don’t let an empty BBQ gas bottle ruin your celebration. We recommend keeping a spare cylinder at home to ensure you never go without.

If you’ve never ordered LPG from us before, you’ll first need to get in contact with our team either by calling us on 9291 5551 or filling out an enquiry form online to set up your account. Once your account is set up, you’ll be able to log into our online ordering system and start placing your orders!

Due to their smaller size, many of our customers like to have two smaller 4kg LPG cylinders when on the road camping. This also allows you to use two at a time for different purposes. You might want to fire up the portable heater whilst cooking up a storm on your camping stove. Two cylinders are beneficial to ensure you’re not left without gas whilst travelling on the open road.

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